Update #10

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Update #10

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Hi Everyone,

Several things to update you on:

- A closed beta of MBBS v10 is planned to begin shortly and we are seeking anyone with a WG3.2 or WG3.3 (only) system to help test the upgrade process and system stability (please apply via PM to me)
- The Major BBS v10 will require Windows 8.1 / Server 2012 onwards in order to install
- Once this is complete and issues have been addressed, we will release it to everyone as an open beta
- A special thanks to Frank Dux for all the tireless work in testing the v10 upgrade installer
- BadOPCode is working on an HTTP API to replace ActiveHTML and Client/Server mode (which will be a big update to the MBBS environment!)
- Elwynor have been working really hard releasing/porting/updating modules, such as: Excalibur, Strategic War Games, Number Shuffle, Alchemy II, Quest of the Alchemists, Quest for Sorcery, Fazuul, Quest for Zen and Galactic Empire. Thanks very much to Questman for his work on these. You can download them (and more!) from bbs.elwynor.com
- Several module (RLogin, SMTP, Telnet) features created by the community have been incorporated into the MBBS v10 baseline code
- Questman and I are discussing the inclusion of some of the many utilities he owns into the MBBS v10 baseline code

As always, we are looking for C/C++ developers so please PM me if interested.
-- Duckula

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