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Tele-Arena Platinum 3.0

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so the 2.2 alpha test went well but there were several things i wanted to change including the enviroment. now there are several areas per rune to prevent congestions as well as daily events that run periodically some at fixed intervals and some at random, there is even a day/night system that affects the monster aggressiveness as well as how much exp it gives. Upon acquiring the final rune from the stock becomes just the beginning, after farming your promotion 1 weapon from the stone passages using the new random class-based lair system where you have a chance to receive your weapon from the enemy killed if it is your class (ie: Dwarven Blackguard has a chance to drop the blackguard weapon) you then open up all new worlds. a second dock in town 1 allows travel to the island where you acquire the red rune, a zip line from the mountains into the snowy mountain area which has about 4 new areas including the orange rune, a ferryman in the southern swamps who takes you to another area about as big as the stock world filled with even more areas and runes. tons added to the game, 4 promotions, an end-game leveling system so you can grow in power even after acquiring the final promotion, stat-based rune system where each rune gives +5 to your stat cap allowing you to receive more stats, 4 new classes "Paladin, Monk, Evoker, and Shaman" the paladin is a self-healing heavy armor wearer who can equip only one-handed weapons but deals bonus damage if the weapon is blunt, a unique class that carries a shield and can bash enemies with his shield and his normal attacks cleave all hostiles in the room, the Monk wields no weapons but uses a unique combo-driven attack system where hitting the same target grows in power and every 3 attacks procs a special "free" attack. the 3rd hit releases an uppercut and the 6th attack releases a roundhouse on all enemies in the room making them the only class capable of dealing 8 attacks. they also use a special augmentation system where they can boost their attacks, boost their stats, weaken their enemies, bolster their defenses, and even heal themselves. Evoker is a battle-mage that wields small one-handed blades and wears robes but utilizes a special magic system where after they deal their weapon attacks that round a spell gets channeled through a magical gauntlet worn on their hand dealing damage to that enemy based on the amount of damage that round and hit the last target hit. the spell type is based on what crystal is slotted into the gauntlet. the Shaman wears leather/hide armor and wields spears but can drop totems in any room which deal damage to enemies, heal allies, teleport the shaman, and even can resurrect the shaman if he falls in battle. Abunch of races were added as well, each with their own unique bonuses but also give you penalties as well such as Half-Ogres who deal bonus weapon damage and receive more health per level but cannot cast spells, and a whole lot more. To make sure the game never has an end the end-game leveling system also comes with relic weapons which are weapons that you level up and can even slot with special abilities. This game has too much to write in a post and is about to release in early-access beta stage on my test server. now the big question, is this game gonna be available for other sysops or gonna be like Ta97 where it is hosted on one server. this is something that will be discussed at a later date, my plan has always been for other systems to have it but there is not alot of customization options as i sort of wrote it to play one way and without "edited" interference, yeah it would create alot of different flavors, but editing the wrong way could also break the game which would cause people to maybe not wanna play because one sysop decided to boost up certain enemies, or make one class overpowered over the other, still that is not a game changer, as i said i have always wanted my games to be out there in the world and this is not the only one i have 2 other variants coming including a fully graphical engine using webgl and playing like world of warcraft, but as for this Platinum release which is the final in the platinum series this is something that a discussion will be had and i will be able to provide more details on this later on. i dont want to flood these forums with my own game posts which i do ALOT i post anything i add to keep people informed so you can read more on the development at and just read through the Tele-Arena Platinum posts if you want and please feel free to PM me any info you may have.
there is just too much to post on this version of the game, best to read alot of the changes yourself,. or like some sysops have said they prefer to be surprised.

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Re: Tele-Arena Platinum 3.0

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Looks like a massive amount of work has gone into the game, thanks for your contributions to the community! Looking forward to the release and if you want us to beta test it on the official MBBS V10 site let me know.
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