Reporting system crashes

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Reporting system crashes

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In order to properly manage system crash reports, certain information is required to allow us to investigate the issue and find a solution. Please set the topic of your post to the Module field (see below, e.g: Crash - Module File Libraries).

The information below should be available in GALEXCEP.OUT (most recent crash at the bottom of the file) in your BBS directory.

Below is an example crash report:

THE MAJOR BBS EXCEPTION @ 012CD30D (see "Routines" section below)
Recorded 12/1/2021 16:48:11
Access Violation. Attempt to write to: 74bad901
Module "File Libraries"
Input "f"
012CD0A0 _fileup < 012CD30D < 012CD330 _ftfcli
012CDC00 _ftgsbm < 012CDD67 < 012CE250 _iniftf1
74B86D20 _submit < 74B8733A < 74B87430 _taglist
74B9FC30 _gather < 74BA0917 < 74BA5FA0 _nexthigh
74B9FC30 _gather < 74BA36DA < 74BA5FA0 _nexthigh
00000000 Unknown < 74B811C5 < 74B818C0 _addkw
012EB210 _lonstf < 012EB9D5 < 012EC090 _ningrp
012E56B0 _loscar < 012E5C3D < 012E5C50 _absdtdy
01318BF0 _registerDSModule < 013190C4 < 01319A90 _allhex
75A169F0 BaseThreadInitThunk < 75A16A14 < 75A16FC0 VerifyVersionInfoA
77E7AAC0 RtlInitializeExcepti < 77E7AB4F < 77E7AB90 RtlGetVersion
77E7AAC0 RtlInitializeExcepti < 77E7AB1A < 77E7AB90 RtlGetVersion
00000000 Unknown < 00000000 < 00000000 Unknown

Please also include (if known):
- MBBS v10 Release number
- Did the crash happen when you were logged in?
- If so, did it happen while you were doing something specific?
- Can you reproduce the crash? If so, how?

If your system crashes and there is no entry in GALEXCEP.OUT, please provide the following information:
- Date occurred
- MBBS v10 Release number
- System load/usage at time of crash (if known)
- Can you reproduce the crash? If so, how?
- Did you recently make any changes to your system such as adding new modules or changing configuration? If so, what changes?
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