Tele-Arena 5.6 For Worldgroup 3.xx

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Tele-Arena 5.6 For Worldgroup 3.xx

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so we've all seen the tele-arena 5.6 source floating around the net yeah? well we all hated that nasty TSGARN-1.LIB file and even Rick himself said Sean Ferrell didn't have that code anymore when he gave with the TA2 code so all was lost with 5.6........ or was it?
I went ahead and ported the files TSGARN-2 through TSGARN-5.C and compiled them and when it gave me the missing functions I spent the better time of over a year rewriting them until I came up with a game that played identical to the original. then to be safe I rewrote it a second time optimizing the hell out of it to create a more stable game including sysop command crash protections
and this is what I came up with. This game plays out the box with the 5.6d gold data files and is fully compatible with the TAEDIT windows based editor. It is feature ready and ready to go. Once I get word from the IP holder (the publisher) I can let you get your hands on it for your wg3 systems.

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Re: Tele-Arena 5.6 For Worldgroup 3.xx

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Is this module for worldgroup 3.xx still available? How do I sign up?

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