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Darkest Hour BBS

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Darkest Hour has a long history... it started off in late 80's early 90's in Anchorage Alaska. It has gone from running ViSiON-X, ViSiON/2 and Oblivion/2. Many of the years it had a over-board running Renegade that was called P.A.G.A.N. BBS. Stolen directly from the movie Dragnet... but people confused it for a Wiccan board and so I rolled with that even being a Wiccan FTN hub. (I'm not Wiccan. It's [P]eople [A]gainst [G]oodness [A]nd [N]iceness)
I've written a number of software A-safe scanner, Clipboard frontend mailer, and a few others. If you never heard of them it's because they were part of the "scene" LOL and the A in A-safe was ----, if you do remember it. :D (it was a question I got tired answering) Clipboard was a EMSI mailer that mimicked a unregistered Frontdoor but instead of "Press [ESC] twice to go to the board." It would say "Press [eSC] twice to go to the board." Which than you can put the knock password in and go to the under-board... in case anyone was curious on how that worked. We did some warez but most of our claim to fame was our cracks and some utilities I wrote. Turning 18 and being in college (and broke) stopped all that. I did still hang out with my real life friends that were still in the scene. In fact https://www.flickr.com/photos/chuckbiscuito/2189335446/in/photostream/ was the welcome.ans to one of my friend's BBS. Weird seeing this stuff being immortalized.
Closest I got to messing with Major BBS was when I was working for a ISP who used it but I was there to admin Netware & NT. Didn't get back into running a BBS till 1998-ish. The telnet BBS's started coming out and so I brought my OBV/2 board out of the grave and back online. I also took this time to buy a lot of door games. So at that time it was OBV/2 running in OS/2 with SIO2K vmodem. I did look into buying Wildcat and going to Windows NT. Oddly Major BBS wasn't even a consideration. Not sure why. Guess because Major/WG boards were always so boring to me. Anyways, Rob did a release of Synchronet 3 and I was an early adopter. So I've been running Darkest Hour on Synchronet for a long time. First under Window 2000 and than later under Linux in a Cytrix server I ran at my business and than later in my house for a long time. Than I moved and wasn't really inspired to do Synchronet any more. A few months ago I ran into MBBS4EVER distro and started tinkering. The distro is a hacked up piece of crap but I had so much fun tinkering with Major BBS 6 and a lot better understanding of it's philosophy and goals in design. I actually grew to respect these design choices over the telegard clones. And so I was hooked. I couldn't stop if I tried... so I started a convo with the folks here and they got me started with WG 3.2. (THANK YOU!) And well I've been the resident village idiot ever since trying to sponge up as much info as I can. (Thank you to everyone in the forums!)
So now I'm busy figuring out how to make WorldGroup have some personality. Needs not said, but, it's a work in progress.
While my selection of WG games sucks, I have a 4 node ghost system for my old DOS door games and I'm hoping to be able to write my own WG games soon here. Dan... I'm looking at you. ;-)
But that's the backstory to Darkest Hour BBS and how it came from OBV/2 to now a Major/WG system.

telnet: bbs.dhbbs.org

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