Update #1

All official announcements will be posted here
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Update #1

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This is the first of our update series of posts which will be used to keep everyone up to date on what has been happening with the project.

- New website launched
- New forums launched
- Old forum data migrated to new servers to preserve their history (can be found at www.themajorbbs.com/forums_old) - Note: read-only access
- Requests for licenses under the Project Phoenix model have been received already!
- Expect to see more polls to start gathering additional feedback

A short update given we have only been live with the new site(s) for a little over a day!

We would be grateful if you would help spread the word about the new site/forums/project to others you know in the BBS community (in particular MBBS/Worldgroup/MajorMUD sysops and users) as the more users we have contributing to the community the better. This will help drive the future direction of the project.