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Re: Rlogin client

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Glad to hear it is working - you can send me the file via Worldlink if you want and I will put it in the files section of the website.
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Re: Rlogin client

Post by daniel_spain »

BlaZ wrote:
> *** UPDATE: Problem resolved successfully.
> To fix this, I had to dump the old "updated" rlogin client that I
> had (the one with the -m option) and go with the one downloadable from the
> DoorParty website. Actually downloading the file was a pain, so if there's
> a place I can send it so it can be hosted here, please give me that
> information and I will send the good copy of the rlogin client.
> Using this updated client, I can now get doors to autolanch in GameSrv,
> DoorParty and Synchronet by using the "-d doorcode" command.
> Synchronet requires a small modification to the modopts.ini file.
> Everything else works out of the box.
> Thanks to everyone who helped me with this problem.

whats the date on GALRLGN.DLL? i have 3 versions floating around, wanna see if you have the newest.

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Re: Rlogin client

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The date on GALRLGN.DLL is 09-02-2019.

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