Update #8

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Update #8

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Hi all - sorry I didn't realize it had been so long since my last update. With the holidays and everything else going on in the world, time has flown by.

As always, we are looking for C developers so if you are one, or you know of someone that might be interested, please get in contact with me.

Things have been generally slow as far as progress goes, however we now have a new developer on board who is very keen to help and start rolling out some updates. Initially he will be working on integrating support for external message sources such as DOVEnet and FIDOnet, something that is regularly requested. After that we plan to work on an API to replace the existing Client/Server and ActiveHTML technologies.

Beta testing of v10 has been ongoing with pleasing stability, feel free to check out the official alpha test site at: alpha.themajorbbs.com (telnet) and jump into Teleconference to chat with us!

Hopefully things start to pickup on the development front and we can move towards a beta version of MBBS v10 soon.
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