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Galactic Empire

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Hi folks - finally got around to touching up the one thing that I never got right back in 2006 and put Galactic Empire online! I know a few of you have been waiting a while on this one... admittedly I should've put this up years ago! But it's here!

It is the Standard Year 3250, 975 years since man developed interplanetary
space navigation, and 412 years since neutron flux warp technology was
perfected by the ship builders of Zygor. They currently lead the industry with
the state of the art ships and weapons systems.

These are good times when a Commander with a good ship and some business sense
can make himself very rich. Many of the planets in the known universe are
ideal for basing industries to supply the demands of the interstellar fleet.
These are also times when the less scrupulous commanders can overrun a distant
settlement and claim the planet for his own. It is not a good idea to leave a
distant settlement unprotected and the Galactic Command (an ad hoc legal body)
recommends that commanders check up on their colonists regularly.

Once you have secured your ship, it is yours to command and keep maintained.
The Zygorians will outfit you with enough supplies to get you started but you
will surely run out if you encounter any rogue ships. The Galactic Command
recommends you find and settle some planets immediately to secure a supply
source for your ship. Or you can purchase supplies from other commanders with
whom you have established trade agreements.

Good luck and beware the dreaded Cybertrons at all cost.


Galactic Empire is a multi-player space game combining combat, strategy, and
political/economic simulation all in one. Many players can interact in the
same expansive universe at the same time - and so will dozens of non-player
characters. These NPCs are either semi-harmless droids (who WILL protect
themselves) and very harmful Cybertrons, a race of machines whose goal seems
to be the elimination of the human race!


When you begin playing Galactic Empire you are first given an Interceptor
class ship. The Interceptor is ideal to begin your quest into the Galaxy. You
can seek out an ideal planet to colonize, claim it, and transport down a basic
compliment of colonists and supplies.

After starting your colony give it some time to grow. Your planet will soon be
large enough to generate taxes and cash in your pocket. With this cash you can
purchase larger and larger ship and expand your empire.

Beware the Cybertrons, they are bent on destroying all human life in the
Galaxy and are tough (but not impossible) to beat. Cybertrons may be vicious,
but they do have a code; they will not attack an Interceptor or Freighter
unless provoked.
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