Hangman's Secret Cove

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Hangman's Secret Cove

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Back in 1987-1988, Tim Stryker knew he had a great product on his hands. He just had to demonstrate it. Earlier, he released The Major BBS v2.2 (binaries and some C code) into the public domain in order to demonstrate the power of the GSBL and the multi-modem hardware that Galacticomm was selling -- out of his house. Soon it became apparent that the BBS was the top product (and user of the GSBL). Great! Now he needed to show people what it could do beyond teleconference and very, very rudimentary messaging. Enter Scott Brinker, a local teenager with tons of talent and eager to learn. Brinker, under Stryker's tutelage, founded Moonshae Telecomm and began releasing add-ons for The Major BBS. The earliest games were in partnership with Stryker, using some of Stryker's code or working with Stryker directly. Hangman's Secret Cove is one of those games. Perhaps less heralded than the 7 "Quest" games that were a staple of the Moonshae Isles BBS, but fun nonetheless.

Hangman's Secret Cove is a take-off of the ol' time favorite word game of hangman, but with a twist of casino-type gambling!

You make a bet, and then the computer randomly chooses a word/phrase from its large database. You then may guess one letter at a time in an attempt to figure out the word/phrase. You may only guess each letter in the alphabet once (all occurrences of the letter will be shown with the first guess). After 6 wrong guesses, you lose your bet. At any time, you may also take a guess at the entire word/phrase, however if you guess incorrectly, you'll lose automatically. There are only letters (no numbers, hyphens, or special characters) in each word/phrase. You may exit in the middle of a game by typing "*", but you will lose half of your wager. There is a minimum wager of 10 chips, and a maximum of 1000 chips.

Hangman's Secret Cove was written in April 1988 by Tim Stryker and Scott Brinker, and released under the Moonshae Telecomm third party development company (TPD). The module was written for version 5.0 of The Major BBS, and kept maintained to Worldgroup 2 by Galacticomm after the acquisition of Moonshae Telecomm (then known as Galactic Innovations) in late 1990. The game itself was largely unchanged from the first release other than to conform to the newer BBS versions.

In 2005, Elwynor Technologies acquired Galacticomm and along with it, the rights to this module. In April 2021, Elwynor Technologies ported the module to Worldgroup 3.2 32-bit, almost exactly 33 years after its initial release.

It's free to register, just pop us a note so we know who you are -- and you can download the ELWHANG.ZIP on bbs.elwynor.com's file libraries and when our web host is resumed, on the website.
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Re: Hangman's Secret Cove

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Awesome, I will also get this up on the alpha BBS.
-- Duckula

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