Sorcerer's Isles!

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Sorcerer's Isles!

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Elwynor Technologies is pleased to announce that Sorcerer's Isles is now available. The last of the 7 Scott Brinker text adventure/rpgs, this one really was the one that crystallized work in Quest for Sorcery and Quest for Sorcery II. It's unclear how much overlap there is with QFSII (as that one is sadly still lost - the others are available!) . Available on the BBS at and web... eventually!


Centuries ago, on the forgotten world of Shar, a conclave of some of the
greatest sorcerers in the Universe gathered to study science and magic. In
their studies, they discovered the ultimate combination: mixing technology
with spell-weaving. This strange mating of different taps upon the Essence of
the Universe resulted in many powerful, amazing, and sometimes dangerous
objects and machines. And with their newfound power, they constructed a
magnificent city in the sky -- the City in the Clouds. Everything seemed to
be Heaven on Shar, until one day, every sorcerer vanished. The city was
quiet, except for the soft whistling of the wind.

Now, you find yourself preparing to begin a journey... a journey that will
take you to the lost City of the Clouds in an attempt to unlock the great
mysteries of the hybrid science and magic. Indeed, you seek to master the
omnipotent secrets of these ancient sorcerers.


Sorcerer's Isles is a multi-player adventure game in which many players can
interact in the same simulated universe at the same time.

Sorcerer's Isles takes place in the lost City of the Clouds, a land where
powerful ancient sorcerers mastered the hybridization of science and magic.
But they vanished, and took the knowledge of their work with them. It is up to
you to discover the secrets.

It is your quest to master this strange technology... exactly how, remains to
be discovered.


Sorcerer's Isles is an on-line RPG (Role-Playing Game), where you, and
up to 255 other users, can take on the "role" of an imaginary character within
the context of the fantasy world of Sargoin. It is similiar in nature to the
popular TSR, Inc. game of "Dungeons & Dragons", except the computer acts as an
"automated Dungeon Master". Game play is similiar to that of Zork, or any
other text adventure, but with a key difference -- many people can
simultaneously be interacting, in real-time, in the same simulated universe.

In this city of the clouds you will find many items, of strange names and
properties, and one of the key elements of this game is figuring out how to
create these magical items and then how to operate them--we leave this up to

Another key feature of this game is the ability to cast spells, using a
magical incantation. Example -- "zuganda", which will call upon the mystical
forces of sorcery for a marvelous fireworks performance. You might have to
fool around with some spells to get their exact syntax, however.


Sorcerer's Isles has one MSG file. Within it, you can input your game
activation code, define the key required to play the game, and set the
ANSI attribute used when the game is entered.

There are lots of text blocks to configure to your liking, though!


Simply unzip the archive to your Worldgroup server directory, add
it to your menu, configure the MSG file to your liking, and start
Worldgroup! It's that easy!

To activate the module, edit the MSG file and enter your Activation
Code, if you have one. If you don't, it will run for 14 days
without one. To get a code, contact Elwynor Technologies at:


Sorcerer's Isles was written in February 1990 and the last of a series of 7
text-based adventure RPGs written by Scott Brinker. It is based significantly
on Quest for Sorcery II (which is still lost as of the writing of this DOC
file) and in many ways is a Quest for Sorcery game. The source code still has
Quest for Sorcery functions and names! It is, therefore, like QfS I and II,
based upon the Quest for Magic game, which itself was based upon Fazuul by Tim
Stryker. Unlike Quest for Sorcery, it's not set in Sargoin (a world related to

It was sold by Moonshae Telecomm (later called Galactic Innovations, and later
acquired by Galacticomm), but mostly was sold under Galactic Innovations and
ultimately Galacticomm after the acquisition of Galactic Innovations.

Sorcerer's Isles was acquired by Elwynor Technologies in 2005. It was finally
ported to Worldgroup 3.2 in April 2021.
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Re: Sorcerer's Isles!

Post by Kracken »

Anyone playing this game and wants to collaborate/share hints ?

I would post questions here, but some clues might be in the questions (spoilers) so privately might be best.


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