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Tele-Arena Platinum 3.0 Archer Redesign

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so in 3.0 i added the hybrid paladin class, the unique battlemage class, the combo driven Monk class, and even the spiritual shaman class but when i was redoing skills and abilities on the original classes i realized the archer really gets left out and does not really have a place. what were they ever used for? fired an arrow here and there from afar? i wanted to really open them up so i converted it to a hybrid support class now.
I completely redid the fire ability, now they can fire from the same room or up to 5 rooms away, missile weapons are equipped now in their own slot
so you no longer have to switch weapons, i removed quivers and made all arrows stack up to x99, and firing a missile weapon has its own delay timer so it can be used in combination with your melee swings.
I gave them a Hide ability that allows them to hide in their current position and avoid any detection or damage even from area spells, they also have a SPlit shots ability which gives any normal damaging arrow a chance to split in two and hit the target twice, they also have a Backstep skill which allows them to attack with their weapon and before their attack delay wears off can backstep into another room where they can then fire a projectile, and they have a Lethal Shots ability where a normal damaging arrow has a slight chance to kill the target.
They also have a plethora of arrows which are:

stone arrow - deals normal damage x2 purchased in town 1 at level 1
pile arrow - deals normal damage x3 purchased in town 2 at level 10
jade arrow - deals normal damage x4 purchased in town 3 at level 20
bronze arrow - deals normal damage x5 purchased in town 4 at level 15 promo 1
diamond arrow - deals normal damage x6 purchased in town 5 at promotion 2 level 1

there are also several magical arrows that can be found in the various towns which are:

Green Arrow - fired into a room which detonates poisoning all hostiles in the room.
Blue Arrow - fired into a room which detonates raining down healing on all group members in the room.
White Arrow - fired into a room which spreads webbing preventing passing through the room for 1 round.
Purple Arrow - fired into a room which detonates knocking all hostiles out the room.
Orange Arrow - fired into a room which explodes hitting all hostiles in the room.
Black Arrow - fired into a room which reduces the armor of all hostiles in the room.
Red Arrow - fired at a hostile which then transfuses health back.
Brown Arrow - fired into a room which then pulls you into that room, or at a target which pulls them to you.
Gray Arrow - fired at a hostile which binds them from moving for 1 round.
Silver Arrow - fired into a room raining down a curative mist over all group members.
Amber Arrow - fired into a room temporarily boosting group member stats

their promotion 1 relic weapon is the Phasebow which allows them to fire a normal damaging arrow at a target then use it to teleport to the
last target they hit as long as they use it before their fire delay wears off.

something i want to point out that was brought up is the Blue Arrow will never even come close to the group healing of the Acolyte and the
Red Arrow will never come close to the Self Healing of the Paladin, they are a support class now that can help aid in some augmentations
all while providing very good dps.

ALL classes have been reworked and i encourage anyone to read up on the changes and join in any conversations at http:/
i have a test build online currently with an alpha test coming in the coming weeks. The entire map has been redesigned and thousands of rooms have been added including access to 12 runes as well as a completely new "shadow" realm once you hit the 4th promo that allows you to enter a shadowy version of the current realm where your greatest challenges yet await. TONS of new things have been added.

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