MajorLink Forums - Revised 2023

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MajorLink Forums - Revised 2023

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The MajorLink forums have been revised, please see below for the current list. All other existing WorldLink forums will be removed over the coming weeks.

In order to carry a MajorLink forum you need to add the appropriate echo. Note: The echo must contain the full address, which is dependent on the forum exporter prefix in your system configuration. Typically this will be either WF or MF. As an example, the Music forum would either be:

** WARNING: Do not create a forum called MajorLink as this will prevent your system from linking with MajorLink correctly. **

Music -
Sport -
Vehicles - ml.vehicles
Technology -
Programming - ml.programming
Gaming (PC/Console/etc) - ml.gaming
Travel -
News/Current Affairs -
Lifestyle -
General - ml.general
BBS Ads - ml.bbsads

--[MBBS Specific]--
MBBS v10 - ml.mbbs.v10
MBBS Support -
WG3.x - ml.mbbs.wg3x
MBBS/WG for DOS - ml.mbbs.dos
MBBS Games -
MBBS MajorLink - ml.mbbs.majorlink
MBBS Add-on Modules - ml.mbbs.addons
MBBS Sysops - ml.mbbs.sysop
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