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Update #2

Posted: Tue Aug 25, 2020 5:09 am
by Duckula
Hi All,

In our ongoing series of updates to keep the community informed on what has been happening, please see the Update #2 summary below:

- As promised, very shortly we will be releasing a free 256 user licensed version of the Major BBS v6.25 including the Galacticomm Internect Connectivity Option (v2) which allows functionality such as Telnet, FTP, etc without the need for the Vircom MajorTCP/IP module. A link to the download will be posted in an update in the next few days - please see the README.TXT file inside the zip file for full installation instructions. All systems running this version will contain the same BBS Registration number.

- For those Sysops who own a copy of the The Major BBS v6.25 and which to retain their registration number (for use with already purchased add-on modules), we will continue to provide 256 user packs as promised. Please submit a request via (including your current BBS Registration number and last 4 digit's of your activation code)

- Many more license requests has been submitted and provided to both current and new sysops since the last update. We ask that anyone joining the community again connect their system to Wordlink in order to help grow the community further. If you are unsure how do to this please post in the Worldlink forum for advice

- More polls have been put up to help gauge the features and functions used by sysops currently running MBBS/WG systems, thanks to everyone that has submitted your votes. If you haven't, please do so as it will help us determine both future functionality and priorities

- Minor changes have been made to new user signups due to some recent spam, the team will continue to monitor this

- Please welcome our newest Forum Moderator Gangrif

- The forum rules have been updated, specifically to reflect the removal of links in Signatures and an instruction regarding the fact that no cracks, leaked source code, software protection bypass mechanisms, etc may be posted anywhere on the forums

- Behind the scenes we have been working hard to prioritize and allocate tasks to team members that will help deliver the changes that the community (you) have been asking for

- Several domain re-directs have been put in place to prevent Google and other search engines re-directing search results to invalid pages, in particular, the old forums which were located at should now correctly redirect to - including sending users directly to the old topic

- Reminder that this is a community project run by volunteers with the input of people like you. Please keep this in mind when interacting with other users/moderators and that replies to posts/emails/queries will likely not be immediate