Telnet Port Changer for WG1 and/or WG2

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Re: Telnet Port Changer for WG1 and/or WG2

Post by daniel_spain »

Milton wrote:
> Yea, I did that to MAX 38400 and it still connects at 2400.
> When I tab the BBS console it says MAX rate is 2400 Also.
> So i'm guessing it in DEMO Mode.
> Did not see any more settings.

Login locally. If the screens are not zooming you’re locked at 2400 if they are zipping you aren’t. Internet spoiled us, 2400 was vicious. Screens drug on forever.

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Re: Telnet Port Changer for WG1

Post by Montroze »

> Milton wrote:
> > OK, Installed WG2, My Reg Code works with it.
> > I can connect to it via 23.
> > Email me a link for the Telnet Port Changer Patch for WG2 your working on.
> >
> > Thanks

Dan's service is down, do you still happen to have a zip of the port changer? Thanks

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